Network Architecture for Lab

For my lab, I am working on a single workstation using Virtualbox.  The lab experiment needs Internet access, but I want to use DHCP, and I don’t want to cause issues with the rest of the network which would make life difficult for the rest of the family.  This requires two things:

1. A dedicated host-only network, provided by Virtualbox, to keep DHCP limited to these machines.

2. A routing device to connect the virtual machines to the Internet.

The final network will look like this:

Home Lab Network Diagram

Future posts will detail the rest of the lab setup, including the routing process and setup of the orchestration master VM.

Practicing the Art of the SysAdmin

Historically, I have worked for companies that offer IT services for small companies, from the 3-person single-room rented office to 250-employee manufacturing firms.

Recently, my work has led me to be in a systems administrator role managing hundreds of servers. This has enlightened me to a whole new realm of possibility and challenge.

One of the first challenges I am seeing is the need to become far more skilled at scaling my knowledge and experience managing systems.

To that end, I am working on some items in my home lab which will hopefully give a better experience for myself and those that I serve.

Over the next few posts, I plan to discuss in greater detail the types of challenges I am facing as well as the experiments I am doing to solve those challenges.